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Naxos Island is the largest island and is in the center in Cyclades, is only 105 nautical miles away from Piraeus (the main port of Athens) and 87 nautical miles from Rafina Port -east side of Attica-, close to the International Airport of Athens. It has endless sandy beaches along with smaller ones wedged between rocks, large fields and mountain ranges, lush, green valleys, orchards and olive groves, barren stretches, touristically developed seaside settlements and mountain villages whose inhabitants still live their lives as their predecessors did many years ago all exist harmoniously on this small piece of land.

There are more than adequate ferry and catamaran / highspeed schedules from Piraeus to Naxos island from both ports. A ferry from Piraeus will take 6 - 6.5 hours to get you in Naxos, while catamaran will take only 3.5 hours.

There are also 2-3 flights (flight time 40 minutes) a day from Athens Airport 

On your arrival, getting from Naxos Town to Agios prokopios is not a problem as we offer a free transfer service from / to Naxos port / airport.



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